About Us

Arse2Mouse is updated by me, Tim Clark, a late to the party Arsenal fan and season ticket holder in the North Lower. Also writing for the site (albeit with outrageous irregularity) is Scottish firebrand David ‘Dave’ Meikleham. We tend to post about once per matchday, usually within 24hours after the final whistle. No promises, though. Champions League coverage is currently being handled by The Americas’ own Elliot Smith, better known as Yankee Gunner, who also appears on our monthly podcast. Tim’s posts are signed TDC, Elliot’s are signed ES and Dave’s are signed DM. We have no insider knowledge, struggled to read past the second page of Jonathan Wilson’s Inverting The Pyramid, and gernerally err on the doomy. If you’d like more of that sweet, sweet action then you can follow us on Twitter here: @arse2mouse and @yankeegunner.

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