Arsenal Transfer Latest: Djourou, Vertonghen, M’Vila, Song, Götze, Denilson

No Arsenal football for a week = newspapers in desperate need of gooner clicks…

  • Were you baffled/furious when Johan ‘JD’ Djourou signed a new deal recently? Particularly as he’s obviously fourth choice at centreback, on good money, and hasn’t exactly pulled up any trees when he has played. (I’ve never been entirely clear why pulling up trees was such a desirable trait in anyone but lumberjacks without access to a branch of HSS.) Well, according to the Daily Express that deal may just have been a way to protect his value, with Juventus pondering a bid in the summer. Suits me fine, but worth remembering the Old Lady has got form when it comes to being linked to our players but not ponying up any sort of actual offer. And as goonerathena points out on Twitter, if Djourou goes: “who will do Arsenal Insider?!?!” 
  • Perhaps the answer is Ajax’s Jan Vertonghen, who the Mirror continues to insist will be Arsenal-bound – and for the less than princely sum of £7m, thanks to the fact the 24-year-old will be out of contract at the end of next season. Ha! What sort of club would let itself get in such a shambolic situation with one of its star players! Oh.
  • Speaking slightly of which, the Telegraph is of the opinion that Arsenal will both offer Alex Song a new deal as reward for his swanlike transformation into the league’s best libero, while also whacking in a big money bid for Rennes’ Yann M’Vila (or, if that doesn’t work, Anderlecht’s Argentine enforcer Lucas Biglia). I’ve made my feelings on M’Vila crazy clear, but would just reiterate that buying him wouldn’t kill Coquelin. We need to stop worrying about ‘killing’ players full stop. If he’s good enough, and I suspect he is, he’ll get games – especially given our endless injury curse. But we can’t worry about not putting youngsters’ noses out of joint. We’re the Arsenal, not a community outreach program. And that approach hardly worked out well with Vela, Denilson and Bendtner, did it?
  • Speaking of whom, the papers are full of talk of another attempted to summer clearout at Colney. Joining the three amigos above will be Almunia and Squillaci (don’t let the door hit you as your contracts expire, lads), and Chamakh and Arshavin, both of whom I once liked but now feel badly let down by. No, go on, go. I can’t look at you. Slicing their wages out of our eye-watering salary bill will free up extra cash to throw at Van Persie and The Ox like high-end confetti at a wedding.
  • Super Mario isn’t coming. You knew that right, though? Götze is a supremely talented young player, happy where he is, having already won a league medal and broken into the German national side. Dortmund selling him would make about as much sense as Arsenal flogging Saucy Jack. It’s hardly a ‘blow’.
  • At least the deal for Luka Podolski looks nailed on. Or so Jamie from Young Guns suggests in the Metro.   
  • We’re almost done. ‘But what of Denilson!” you possibly don’t trill. Well, it sounds like Sao Paulo want to extend his loan for another year, but are less keen on actually paying a fee for the unloved little urchin. Hmm. Maybe we are an outreach program.
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