Reading 5-7 Arsenal: A Comprehensive And Detailed Account Of Everything That Went Wrong/Right

Screw that! Plenty of writers have already had a go at making sense of last night’s match, but I won’t be joining them. I wouldn’t know where to start, other than to say two things… 1) I don’t understand Arsenal. 2) I fucking love Arsenal. For what it’s worth the well dones ought to go to Theo for dead-eyed finishing and not letting his head drop, to OG for playing like a goddamn lion when he came on, to The Russian for looking for killer balls on the break and actually – hold me, mother – even sprinting to set up the equaliser. Oh, and the ref for actually adding on the time wasted in extra time. I retract nothing I said on Twitter about the first half: it was utter garbage and an embarrassment. But the second… The second is why you watch football. You have never seen all it has to offer. And when you think it has, that’s just the cue for it to show you something even more insane. For all sorts of reasons I don’t think there’s another club anywhere that does insanity quite like Arsenal do. Enjoy it, because none of us are going anywhere.


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