January Podcast: We’ve Got The Self-Harm Blues


In the most misguided decision since, well, take your pick from any recent misguided Arsenal-related decisions, Tim, Dave and Elliot decided to record this month’s podcast directly off the back of the Chelsea game. In hindsight, buying quite so much bunting was probably a mistake. Keep an ear out for the mid-pod phone call from Tim’s dad, and the dog scratching at the door. It’s every bit as shambolic as Arsenal were on the pitch in the first half.

Download the podcast direct from here [right click to save] or subscribe via iTunes here. Also on the agenda is the January transfer window, whether we think it’s time for a new manager, and a brief look forward to Bayern. Warning: do not expect megalolz. Although to be honest, if you were expecting lolz of any description this is clearly you’re first time here. Welcome, friend. And yes it is always like this.

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