February Podcast: Oh Captain, My Captain!


Apologies for the slightly late arrival of what’s theoretically the February podcast. Having struggled with motivation over the course of a month which saw failures against Blackburn (unacceptable) and Bayern (more acceptable, but still not much fun), I naively hoped that the North London Derby might offer some potential respite. Good call, me.

There will be no blog about the Spurs game, because, honestly, fuck that. Instead, you can listen to myself, regular contributor Elliot from YankeeGunner, and (filling in for Dave) Hayley, who does the Diary Of A Season vlog. Topics for discussion include ‘can we finish fourth?’, ‘what’s the deal with Podolski?’ and ‘is the continuing existence of Stefan Freund irrefutable evidence that we live in a godless universe’.

Actually that last topic isn’t included. It should be, but I only just thought of it. Again: go me. You can download direct from here [right click to save] or subscribe via iTunes here. We also touch on the almost certainly fake takeover bid, which leads me to an extended riff/whine from me about Stan being a shitty owner who I’d gladly see replaced by a scarecrow stuffed with dollars and dead sparrows.

I’ll endeavour to be more punctual next month, although I’m not sure we’ll have anything fresh to say. Unless someone stages an intervention and takes the mic away. Please?

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