November Podcast: Top Dogs


Congratulations to both readers who noticed that I haven’t bothered writing up the Man Utd game, a spotter’s badge is in the post. The explanation is that after the 8-2 shuttle crash two seasons ago I quietly took a decision not to bother doing anything on games against them unless we won or drew. Bitter? Petty? Lazy? It’s all these things, but like the Thatcher government’s equally futile approach to voicing Gerry Adams with an actor on the news during the ‘80s, I’ve decided it’s best not to give them the air of publicity.

Nonetheless, we do discuss that match, and Arsenal’s happier recent performances, in this month’s podcast. I’m joined as usual by Elliot ‘YankeeGunner’ Smith and Dave ‘No, he’s not on Twitter, and it’s better you don’t ask why’ Meikleham. There’s also some chat about the forthcoming winter schedule, winning the league and the likelihood thereof, possible January transfers, and whether anyone should feel sympathy for not-so-super Nick. The embedded player below will let you stream or download the podcast, alternatively, you can find it here on iTunes.


PS Apologies for the copious amounts of dog noise in the background. That’s Batman. I know it sounds like he’s ill. He’s not, he’s just like that all the time. And if you think that’s annoying, just be grateful it’s not a scratch and sniff podcast.

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